EWIMA Patent Service

EWIMA Patent Service ... what is it?

  • Monthly compilation of industry property rights with relevance for the writing instruments industry
  • Free of charge for EWIMA members.

Which information (property rights) is retrieved?

  • Publications (World, EU, Germany, US)
  • Euro PCTs (EU)
  • Registered patents (EU, Germany)
  • Patents after veto (EU)
  • Registered utility models (Germany)
  • Japanese Patent abstracts may be obtained against cost compensation.
  • further packages Japan/US available against cost compensation

Which patent classes are covered by EWIMA Patent Service?

  • All International Patent Classes (IPC) and sub-Classes assessed as relevant by the Patent Committee

Retrieval procedure:

  • Patent Committee defines research strategy regularly
  • Query in relevant databases (external company)

Benefits for EWIMA members:

  • Clear summary of relevant property rights with approx. 200 results per month
  • Monthly results are placed in the “EWIMA/ISZ information exchange board” as pdf-files.
  • Ordering of full text versions via EWIMA office possible (against cost compensation)
  • Regular assessment of results by experts of EWIMA members leads to sophisticated results
  • Efficient queries within results using key terms possible
  • EWIMA membership fee covers high retrieval costs for patent summaries