Inhouse abrasion Tests

Abrasion tests ... why?

  • The quality of surfaces and decorations of writing instruments and accessories is of essential importance for customers and manufacturers.
  • Technicians of ISZ-members developed and agreed on one suitable test for the quality of the surfaces, the decoration of writing instruments and the components.

Abrasion tests ... general benefits?

  • Comparable quality assessment between manufacturers and customers of
    • finished products (writing instruments and accessories)
    • components
  • Continuous inhouse testing of quality of production
  • Assessment of
    • new coatings (e.g. number of layers, thickness of layers)
    • new combinations of decorations and surfaces
    • new technologies in manufacturing

Abrasion tests ... how?

  • Harmonized abrasion tests are now availbale at the EWIMA office against cost compensation
  • Samples can be sent to the EWIMA office for individual testing
  • Tested samples will be returned with photographic test documentation
  • Assessment of results by provider of samples

Test specifications

  • Test is based on European Standard "EN 60068-2-70:1996 Part 2"
  • Test specifications commonly developed by technicians of ISZ-members and manufacturers of decoration foils

Test variations

  • Decoration of writing instruments and accessories e.g.
    • Decoration foil (hot stamping foil, heat transfer foil)
    • Printing (silk screen printing, tampon printing)
    • Surface (coating, lacquer ...)
  • Individual testing conditions
    • Resistance to mechanical abrasion
    • Resistance to artificial sweat
    • Resistance to hand cream
    • Resistance to distilled water

Test results (neutral example, frankenshop does not exist)